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Decorative Surfacing
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Pavement Surface Coatings

Home of Endurablend

Endurablend – The best surface treatment for asphalt and concrete.

When it comes to asphalt and concrete surface overlays, it is their durability that matters most.  In an effort to make pavement stand the test of time, some contractors apply sealers to its surface while others use bonding agents.

But what if there were an ultrathin durable colored pavement and road surface coating that was environmentally friendly and stable, economical, could increase friction and provide an eye-pleasing finishing look?

The good news is that such a one-of-a-kind surfacing solution has been around for more than twelve years with proven results both domestically and internationally and Pavement Surface Coatings LLC would like to introduce it to you.

Endurablend is a surfacing material intended not only to enhance pavement durability but to make it second to none. It features a unique combination of the components, including polymer modifiers, aggregates, additives, and Portland cement, which makes it the best option even for heavy traffic applications. Endurablend can be used as both an asphalt and concrete polymer overlay to protect surfaces from cracking and spalling for years to come while repairing existing deterioration of these substrates.

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Other Applications Of Endurablend

The Endurablend has been used for a variety of applications worldwide. Cities like Los Angeles and New York have specified the product for application as bike lanes and bus lanes. 

Airports globally are adopting the technology in markings on roadways, taxiways and safety applications. Cities and museums have used it to place logos onto roadways.

Endurablend offers preservation and resurfacing of bridge decks as a more affordable, and longer-lasting solution, than traditional approaches in most cases. Utilization of Endurablend for traffic calming offers custom colors and patterns that do not wear as painted roadway markings do.

Offering a longer life than painted surfaces, easier cleanup, and diverse application Endurablend is quickly becoming the preferred product for engineers and planners around the world.  Contact us today to learn more.

Endurablend Applications

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