A Pretty Flow of Traffic for Jersey City’s 235 Grand Street.

Endurablend Installs Decorative Surface on Former Morris Canal Historic Site.

In September, our Endurablend “Ultra-Thin” surfacing system was installed at a historic site in Jersey City, NJ. The location on Grand Street was the beginning of the famous Morris Canal which was constructed in 1824. It transported much-needed coal and other goods from the Hudson River through Northern New Jersey eventually ending up connecting with the Delaware River at Phillipsburg, NJ and Easton, PA. The length of the canal was 107 miles.

Endurablend was used to depict the waterway winding through New Jersey. The location is at 235 Grand St in Jersey City. Endurablend was also used for green bike lanes and the red brick crosswalks. Jersey City chose Endurablend because of its’ durability in heavy traffic and extreme weather and its’ ability to create virtually any color or design required. Endurablend consists of a polymer-modified cement that is spray applied to asphalt and concrete surfaces. Stencils are used to create designs and patterns. Endurablend will seal and protect the pavement surface from salts and de-icing materials, oils, UV, and most chemicals.