Multi-purpose, High-performance Surfacing Solutions

We provide high-performance surfacing solutions all across the country using our network of Endurablend™ Systems installers.

From filling and sealing cracks to installing pedestrian crosswalks to providing new, high friction surfacing on high-traffic roadways, Pavement Surface Coatings works with installers to provide high-performance surfacing solutions to create safe, cost-effective, high-performance surfacing solutions across a wide range of industries and applications.

Featured Videos

Endurablend™ Surfacing Treatments

An example of Endurablend™ Surfacing Treatments. In this video, an airport runway is treated.

Endurablend™ Decorative Treatments

An example of Endurablend™ Decorative Treatments. We take a closer look at updating a busy city crosswalk with a decorative treatment.