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Safe, Chemical & Fuel-resistant Surfacing

Endurablend™ Systems have been successfully used in a number of aviation applications including restoring skid-resistant surfaces on airport runways, taxiways and aprons; aircraft maintenance areas and machine shops; refueling areas; helipads and more. It provides extraordinary resistance to all fuels, lubricants and de-icing chemicals. Endurablend is applied in a thin 1/8 to 3/16 inch coating, it bonds to both asphalt and concrete, is thermally compatible with both and exhibits remarkable durability to heavy traffic and the environmental demands of military and civilian airports. Because Endurablend™ also is used as pavement repair material, the application of Endurablend™ as a coating can eliminate rutting, mitigate cracks and potholes while protecting the coated substrate from the natural and manmade elements. Endurablend Systems comply with FAA EB62 specifications for Polymer Modified Cementitious Overlay (PMCO) fuel-resistant surfaces, allowing their use for most types of airport installations.

Key Features

  • Superior bonding – Encapsulates asphalt to prevent raveling, reducing potential damage to aircraft, vehicles and equipment from asphaltic flying object debris (FOD). Protects existing concrete to retard erosion and protect steel reinforcement from penetration by fuels, chlorides and other contaminants.
  • Durable – Outperforms bituminous and epoxy surface coatings, which do not effectively bond to concrete. Uniquely designed to combine faster curing, lower shrinkage and faster high compression resistance development. Less reactive to high ambient temperatures and less likely to delaminate. Accepts the most common striping and painting materials without concern to application processes or materials’ deterioration.
  • Freeze-thaw resistant – Seals and waterproofs; fully resistant to de-icing salt treatments or salt scaling up to 50 cycles, an industry standard.
  • Fuel and chemical-resistant – Low permeability surfacing resists corrosive chemicals including aviation fuels, hydraulic compounds and de-icing agents, ensuring a longer pavement service life and lower long-term maintenance costs.
  • Aesthetic – Endurablend™ products’ color is similar to concrete and readily blends with surrounding paving and surfacing materials. This makes it better suited for spot repair projects, eliminating the need for complete resurfacing. Unlike methacrylates, which cure with a wet finish look that can distract pilots, an Endurablend™ surface quickly cures with a matte finish.

Endurablend™ is also effective as a delineation material, such as arrows, edge lines, and taxiway and runway designations. The entire Endurablend™ product range can be modified for color matching; colors can be customized to meet regional needs (i.e., darker colors to absorb heat in colder regions, lighter colors to reflect light in warmer regions)

These Endurablend™ Systems can be designed to repair protect the asphalt and concrete surfaces while improving the friction characterization and provide bright retroreflective delineation.

Airport Surfacing at Reno Stead Airport
Airport Surfacing
Airport Surfacing from Pavement Surface Coatings LLC

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Reno Stead Airport, Reno, NV

Applying Endurablend™ systems on an airport runway.

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