Bridge Deck Resurfacing

Protect Bridge Decks and Shorten Road Closures

Endurablend™ protects asphalt and concrete bridge deck pavement surfaces from the demands of traffic wear, freeze-thaw cycles, fuels and de-icing chemicals.

Key features include:

    • Superior bond: Bonds equally well to both clean asphalt and concrete surfaces. Protects existing concrete to retard surface, scaling or erosion and limit corrosion of steel reinforcement components.
    • Durability: High wear resistant surface, accepts the most common striping and painting materials without adverse effects.
    • Freeze-thaw resistance: Resistant to de-icing salt treatments or salt scaling up to 50 cycles, an industry standard.
    • Fuel and chemical-resistance: Low voids and low permeability, withstands the corrosive effects of oils, fuels and de-icing agents to better protect steel reinforcement and other metal components.
    • Aesthetics: Endurablend™ can be installed in a variety of colors and finishes. Bridge decks can be coated to match existing curbs and sidewalls or can be made dark to absorb sunlight to aid in thaw.
    • Skid resistance: Can be installed with various finishes to increase friction and aid in rain water dispersion. A number of stenciled designs can eliminate the possibility of hydroplaning by facilitating water runoff.
    • Economical: Faster installation and curing time and shortens lane closings
    • Light weight: Less than 1.3 pounds per square foot is added to the deck
bridge deck resurfacing project before completed work