Bus Lane Markings

Safe roadway travel for motorists and pedestrians with distinct, colored bus lane surface treatments.

Bus lanes are usually found in major cities on routes with frequent headways or where congested traffic has a significant effect on reliability. All bus lanes are usually marked with signs along routes with specific laws and lanes are painted red (or alternating color to the roadway) and/or marked with ‘Bus Only’.

Benefits of Bus Lane Markings include:

  • Keeping buses from getting stuck in traffic
  • Improving the reliability of public transportation

Colored bus lane markings not only improve traffic, but alert drivers and other road users of a modified driving environment.

Endurablend™ for Bus Lane Markings
Endurablend™ provides the most cost-effective and highly durable solution for colored bus lane surfaces.

Endurablend™’s cement base provides thermal compatibility, an extremely strong bond, and exceptional durability for both asphalt and concrete. With the addition of colored aggregate, coated surfaces provide excellent skid resistance. A base coat of Endurablend™ can be applied to repair spalled or unraveled concrete or asphalt prior to the colored coating. This method can both designate the bus lane and repair and protect the underlying surfaces.  Endurablend™ can be cleaned with high pressure water and has exceptional durability.

Approved and installed in New York City, Jersey City, New Haven, Newark, Cape Town, South Africa and many other cities and municipalities.

Bus Lane Surfacing

Red Bus Lane
Red Bus Lane next to Green Bike Lane
Red Bus Only Lane