Crack Fill

A High Performance Alternative to Traditional Crack Sealant

Endurablend™ provides a high-performance alternative to traditional crack sealant products for both asphalt and concrete. Endurablend™ reduces rehabilitation intervals and significantly extends pavement service life.

Key Features

  • Superior bond: Bonds equally well to both asphalt and concrete crack sidewall.  Can be overlaid with Endurablend™ Systems of various colors, texture and design
  • Strength and durability: Features higher compressive strength than other fill products. Rut-resistant performance year round in extremely wide cracks remains consistent throughout service life.
  • Environmentally Stable: Comprised of cement, complex polymers and natural and engineered fibers, Endurablend™ is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, oxidation, or  acid rain.  It will not dry out or degrade from exposure.
  • Fuel and chemical-resistance: Withstands the corrosive effects of oils, fuels and de-icing agents.
  • Ease of installation: Highly flowable, cold-mix formulation contains no VOCs or petroleum-based components and requires no hot pots, improving safety for installation crews and environment. Mixture maintains initial volume through installation and penetrates to bottom of crack before curing or setting. Rapid curing time saves on labor costs and minimizes tracking by vehicles.