Decorative Pavement Overlay

Beautiful, Durable and Safe

Decorative Pedestrian Plaza


Pedestrian Plazas are becoming more popular in urban environments as planners and officials have found allocation of previous roadways to plaza areas provide residents and visitors areas to congregate. These areas are used as outdoor dining and leisure areas. Local business benefit by the added pedestrian traffic and expand the seating capacity of eating establishments.

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Logos, Streetscapes, & Color Surfacing


Pigmented Endurablend™ provides a durable colored surface treatment as it restores, increases skid resistance and extends service life of both asphalt and concrete. Whether it be for a city logo, a corporate entrance or a Streetscape project, colored Endurablend™ provides vibrant appeal with unparalleled performance.

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Endurablend™ can be designed to provide a multitude of crosswalk colors, textures and designs. From one color solid to red brick mortared to gray cobble, Endurablend™ gives designers and engineers the ability to delineate pedestrian crosswalks to ensure the public safety while integrating them with the overall Streetscape concept.

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Featured Videos

Decorative Bike Lane & Streetscape

Application of an Endurablend™ decorative bike path.

Decorative Sidewalk Plaza

Application of an Endurablend™ decorative crosswalk.