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Vibrant, highly-durable logo and streetscape pavement markings

Pigmented Endurablend™ provides a durable colored surface treatment as it restores, increases skid resistance and extends service life of both asphalt and concrete. Whether it be for a city logo, a corporate entrance or a Streetscape project, colored Endurablend™ provides vibrant appeal with unparalleled performance.

Its key features include:

  • Aesthetics. Available in multiple colors that meet government and/or LEED® certification specifications; colors can be modified to match customer requirements as well. Because the pigment is integrated within the dry product prior to arrival at the job site, surface color treatments are more uniform across the job, wear better and last longer.
  • Superior bond. Bonds equally well to both clean asphalt and concrete surfaces. Encapsulates asphalt to prevent raveling, reducing potential damage to vehicles and equipment. Protects existing concrete to prevent erosion and scaling. Significantly less likely to delaminate than epoxy or thermoplastic surface coatings since it is more thermally compatible with both asphalt and concrete.
  • Skid resistance. Endurablend™ can be formulated to provide a variety of textures with aggregates to provide any level of required friction.
  • Environmental Sustainability. Endurablend™ is available in colors that provide high solar reflectance that lead to cooler surfaces, reduced energy consumption and greenhouse effects in urban areas, making its use eligible for LEED® certification credits. Endurablend™ is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, oxidation, de-icing compounds and exposure.
  • Performance. Endurablend™ is designed to withstand even the heaviest vehicular traffic while maintaining its contrasting colors and designs.

Featured Videos

Decorative Street Logo, Newark, New Jersey

Applying the city seal to a street in Newark, NJ. We’ve documented every step from start to finish, from preparing the asphalt to final touches.

Decorative Logo, Stonhard, Maple Shade, NJ

Applying the Stonhard logo and decorative sidewalk to the Stonhard Technical Center. In this video, we explain what preparation is necessary prior to Endurablend™ getting applied, and how we adjust our stencils to any uneven surface in order to have a clean, crisp finish.

Decorative Street Logo - Timelapse Video, Newark, NJ

A time-lapse video of the application of the Newark city seal to a street in Newark.