Solar Reflectivity

Reduce Energy Requirements While Repairing & Protecting Surfaces

Endurablend™  cures to a light finish that offers a solar reflectivity index of 29 or higher, which reduces the heat island effects (up to 18 degrees C) and improves the overall safety by reducing street light requirements.
Endurablend™ offers a naturally visually appealing surface to reduce energy requirements and is well suited due to:

  • Environmental Sustainability: Endurablend™ is available in colors that provide high solar reflectance that lead to cooler surfaces, reduced energy consumption and greenhouse effects in urban areas, making its use eligible for LEED® certification credits.
  • Superior bond: Bonds equally well to both clean asphalt and concrete surfaces. Encapsulates asphalt to prevent raveling, reducing potential damage to vehicles and equipment. Protects existing concrete to retard erosion and scaling. Significantly less likely to delaminate than epoxy or thermoplastic surface coatings since it is thermally compatible with both asphalt and concrete.
  • Skid resistance: Endurablend™ can be formulated to provide a variety of textures with aggregates to provide required friction coefficients.

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