Bike Lane Markings

Safer roadways with colored, decorative bike lane surface treatments

Colored Bike lane surface treatments designate an area next to the road for bicyclists, to remove bikes from the general traffic flow into their respective lanes. Green Bike lane markings ensure even further safety by making those boundaries even more clear. Colored pavement for bikes can be in several formations:

  • Conventional Bike Lane: A designated area for bicyclists, either preferentially or exclusively. Types of bike lanes include:
  • Conventional Bike Lanes: Markings designating a lane for bicyclists next to motor vehicle lane, traveling in concurrent directions.
  • Left-side Bike Lanes: Used on one way streets or streets divided by a median.
  • Buffered Bike Lanes: Include Added space between the cyclist and the vehicle or parking lane.
  • Contra-Flow Bike Lanes: Lanes for cyclists traveling against the flow of traffic.
  • Cycle Track: A designated area for bicyclists in non-motor vehicle paths.
  • Spot Treatment in areas of conflict: These areas allow for clearly marked areas for bicyclists at intersections. Bike Boxes delineate a spot for bikes to stop at intersections ahead of motor vehicles.

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Endurablend for Bike Lane Markings

Endurablend™ offers the longest lasting and most cost-effective alternative for colored bike lane surfaces.  Green colored bike lanes provide a safety feature which informs motorists that there is a dedicated portion of the street that has been set aside for bicyclists and serves as a reminder that bicyclists could be present as they merge or change lanes. Approved and installed in Los Angeles, New York City, Jersey City, New Haven, Newark, Cape Town, South Africa and many other cities and municipalities.

Endurablend™’s cement base provides the following for both asphalt and concrete:

  • Federal compliant green
  • Variety of Alternate Custom Colors
  • Color Retention
  • Easy and fast application
  • Thermal compatibility and Fast Cure
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Does not degrade from Snow Plow abrasion
  • Extremely strong bond on both asphalt and concrete
  • Exceptional durability even in heavy vehicular trafficked areas
  • Excellent non-slip surface even in rain

Pictured below are installations throughout North American and South Africa.

Bike Lane Surfacing

Bike Lane Surface - with Bike Rack
Bike Lanes and Crosswalk

Featured Videos

See how Endurablend™ is applied to create a bike lane on a city street. This video shows the step-by-step process showing preparation, application, and utilization.

View an Endurablend™ bike lane being applied from preparation to final touches.