Bridge Deck

Bridge Deck

Best Polymer Overlay for Concrete Bridge Decks

Endurablend is a long-lasting and cost-effective method for restoring and protecting concrete bridge decks. Installation protects the longevity of your surfaces by improving safety, extending their service life by filling concrete cracks, and increasing skid resistance.

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Benefits of Treating Bridge Decks with Endurablend 

Restore and Protect Concrete 

Installing Endurablend can restore concrete as well as protect it from frequent wear and tear of motor vehicles, salts, de-icing materials, and environmental degradation. This results in fewer repairs needed over time to maintain strong and level surfaces. 

Longer-Lasting Bridge Deck Surfaces 

Endurablend contributes to longer service life for your concrete bridge decks. The protective layer can aid in filling cracks, improving weather resistance, and an optional hexagonal surface pattern can also improve water drainage. 

Improved Safety 

The textured surface provided by an Endurablend installation improves skid resistance. During icy conditions, bridges can freeze before the road surface, increasing safety risks for people on the road. With a skid-resistant concrete overlay, motorists can travel over bridges with greater peace of mind and a reduced risk of motor vehicle accidents. 

Enhanced Aesthetics 

Endurablend creates an appealing, level surface that can improve the appearance of the concrete. Chewing gum and other common staining materials do not adhere well to Endurablend, resulting in reduced staining and a cleaner aesthetic. 

Design Customization 

Endurablend can be custom-pigmented to direct traffic on bridge decks. Examples include:

Environmentally Friendly 

Endurablend does not contain harmful ingredients and is not threatening to the surrounding environment. Its water-based formula has a stable, cured structure and does not release toxins. It can also qualify for LEED credits. 

All-Weather Performance

The Endurablend formula is designed to protect your concrete bridge deck surfaces through all weather conditions and temperatures. This results in a year-round solution that provides consistent and cost-saving performance.

Bridge Deck Pavement Using Endurablend

Bridge Deck ApplicationEndurablend’s “Ultra-Thin” properties provide an effective polymer bridge deck overlay solution for concrete surfaces. It consists of a polymer-modified cement applied at a thickness of 1/16" to 1/8" and can protect the surface from:

  • Salts
  • De-icing materials
  • Petroleum
  • Most harsh chemicals

Endurablend's polymer overlay for concrete bridges is UV stable and can be pigmented to any color. Black is a popular color for the application of polymer overlay because it helps retain heat in the winter months to help minimize ice formation.

In addition, Endurablend's polymer overlay can be applied with a hexagonal pattern. This allows rainwater to run through the grout lines and minimizes water on the surface. Using this pattern also eliminates the need for grooving of concrete decks. To further improve safety and traction on concrete surfaces, aggregates can be added to Endrablend to increase friction.

The Cost-Effective Solution

For Spalling Repair 

In many cases, Endurablend can be installed as an effective and cost-effective spalling repair solution. By applying the Endurablend, you can extend the life of the bridge deck, improve its appearance, and add increased friction while adding safety in addition to restored functionality. 

For Durable Pavement Markings 

The majority of market-variety pavement marking solutions do not bond well with concrete surfaces. Endurablend is designed for long-lasting adherence to concrete and can be custom-pigmented to create pavement markings for nearly any traffic control requirements. 

For Refurbishing Old Concrete Surfaces

Removing old sidewalks and replacing them with freshly poured replacement concrete can prove a costly and time-consuming process. Instead, Endurablend can be used for sidewalks in the same way that it is used for bridge deck spalling repair. Chewing gum also does not adhere well to the surface and will not stain it. 

Other concrete surfaces that can benefit from Endurablend include: 

For Creating Cooler Cities

Endurablend’s superior solar reflectivity helps create a cooler urban environment in locations impacted by the Urban Heat Island Effect. This phenomenon occurs when paved surfaces trap solar energy, which can lead to increased temperatures. In turn, the excess heat places a greater strain on energy sources and can create health risks. 

Upgrade Your Bridge Decks with Endurablend

Protect and prolong your bridge’s service life with Endurablend. Contact us to learn more about our installation services as well as our expanding global network of authorized installers


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