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Best Polymer Overlay for Concrete Bridge Decks

Endurablend is a cost-effective method for restoring and protecting concrete bridge decks, improving safety, and extending their service life by filling concrete cracks and increasing skid resistance.

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Bridge Deck Microsurfacing Installation
Bridge Deck Application

Endurablend is an "Ultra-Thin" polymer bridge deck overlay for concrete and asphalt bridge decks. Endurablend consists of a polymer-modified cement that is applied at a thickness of 1/8 inch and will seal the surface from salts, de-icing materials, petroleum, and most chemicals

Endurablend's polymer overlay for concrete bridges is UV stable and can be pigmented to any color. Black is a popular color for the application of polymer overlay because it helps retain heat in the winter months to help minimize ice formation. In addition, we can apply Endurablend's polymer overlay with a hexagonal pattern.

This allows rainwater to run through the grout lines minimizing water on the surface. This would eliminate the need for grooving of concrete decks. Aggregates can also be added to Endurablend to increase friction. 

If applied at the proper time the Endurablend polymer overlay for concrete bridges will significantly extend the life of your deck. If applied in black with a hexagon pattern, it will increase safety as well.

The Cost-Effective Solution

In many cases Endurablend is a great, cost-effective solution for bridge deck concrete spalling repair. By applying the Endurablend's polymer overlay you can extend the life of the bridge deck, improve its appearance and can add a high-friction surface treatment to the deck, improving safety at the same time.

Endurablend is also a very durable pavement marking material that bonds very well to concrete surfaces, unlike most existing markings.

Refurbishing old sidewalks is also a popular application. Instead of removing old worn sidewalks, you can revitalize them by applying Endurablend as we would for bridge deck concrete spalling repair. You can even make them decorative. One of the benefits of Endurablend on sidewalks is that chewing gum does not adhere well to the surface, and will not stain the surface.

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