Decorative Crosswalk Surfacing

Safer roadways with decorative pedestrian crosswalks

Endurablend™ can be designed to provide a multitude of crosswalk colors, textures and designs. From one color solid to red brick mortared to gray cobble, Endurablend™ gives designers and engineers the ability to delineate pedestrian crosswalks to ensure the public safety while integrating them with the overall Streetscape concept.

Endurablend™ is ideally suited for crosswalks due to:

  • Superior bond. Encapsulates asphalt to prevent raveling and protects existing concrete to retard erosion and scaling. Significantly less likely to delaminate than bituminous or epoxy surface coatings, which do not effectively bond to concrete, for longer-term performance.
  • Durability. Thermally compatible with asphalt and concrete and less likely to delaminate. Accepts the most common striping and painting materials without adverse effects.
  • Freeze-thaw resistance. Seals and waterproofs; fully resistant to de-icing salt treatments or salt scaling up to 50 cycles, an industry standard.
  • Fuel and chemical-resistance. Withstands the corrosive effects of oils, fuels and de-icing agents.
  • Aesthetics. Available in 12 standard colors that meet government and/or LEED® certification specifications; colors can be modified to match customer requirements as well. Because the pigment is integrated within the dry product prior to arrival at the job site, surface color treatments are more uniform across the job, wear better and last longer.

Featured Videos

Crosswalk Installation Timelapse

Applying Endurablend™ to a city crosswalk without disrupting local traffic. Note the difference before and after application.