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Decorative Crosswalks and Colored Pavement Solutions

Marked, decorative crosswalks and colored pavement treatments do not only look appealing, and last longer but also add to the safety of pedestrians. Pavement Surface Coatings LLC manufactures and installs an advanced polymer cement surfacing system - Endurablend, which results in a traffic-tough decorative concrete and asphalt pavement surface that provides a brick or paving stone like aesthetic without the maintenance issues.

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Decorative Intersection

Colored Asphalt Overlay is a Cost-Effective Solution

Endurablend is being used all over the country as a decorative surface treatment for asphalt, crosswalks, and concrete pavement. With Endurablend we can create designs using virtually any pattern, color, or texture that you desire.


Endurablend is spray applied, stencils are used to create patterns, and aggregates are added to provide texture. It gives you a very durable and long-lasting colored surface treatment for both roadway and off-roadway applications. It will hold heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions.

It is UV stable, snow plowable, and is not affected by salts, de-icing materials, oils, and most chemicals. Endurablend, when used with a light-colored pigment and installed on a pavement surface in an urban environment, will help increase the pavement’s “Solar Reflective Index” value and reduce the “Heat Island Effect” value. Both effects help reduce energy costs and will qualify for LEED credits.

Endurablend Used for Decorative Pavement

Having been used in applications for decorative crosswalks, bike and bus lanes, pedestrian plazas, sidewalks, pavement logos on roadways, intersections, and medians, endurablend offers a long-term solution in heavily trafficked areas without the need to touch up or reapply as a result of the foot or automobile traffic

This durable decorative surface coating is not limited to design or color. We are able to apply this micro surfacing material on just about any concrete or asphalt surface, including sea walls.

Colored asphalt & concrete coatings are used for:

Decorative Crosswalks 

Create colorful and eye-catching crosswalks that not only look great but also provide greater visibility to pedestrian crossings. Combine multiple pigments to create a fully custom design with Endurablend! 

Decorative Sidewalks 

Give pedestrians in your municipality a fun sidewalk design to brighten up their day while also better protecting the concrete beneath their feet. You can also use Endurablend as a pavement marking to help direct the flow of foot traffic on a paved surface.

Decorative Concrete

Pedestrian Plazas 

Turn your Pedestrian Plazas into vibrant downtown hubs for your municipality. Create exciting, fully customized designs that help tell your city’s story while giving your residents something unique to enjoy. 

Pavement Logos 

Great for organizations that want to showcase their identity, pavement logos can be easily created with Endurablend and endure for years to come. Pavement logos are the perfect brand identity solution for sports teams, universities, private businesses, government facilities, and more. 

Crosswalk Logos

Decorate your concrete crosswalk with a logo that will also protect it. Custom-pigment the crosswalk in one or more colors that match the logo that you want to draw attention to. 


Intersections offer a large section of paved canvas to create a beautiful design. Use multiple colors to create a design that will last for years while telling the story of your community to all those who travel over it. 


Medians do not have to be just simple lines and empty spaces. Use Endurablend to clearly mark out medians with a design that draws attention to your road boundaries to ensure that motorists do not cross over into the restricted area.

Why Endurablend Is the Best Solution for Decorative Pavement:

  • Durability

    Endurablend comes with a 12-year track record for unmatched durability. It is designed to withstand the regular wear and tear of heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions while remaining practically maintenance-free. 

  • Snow Plowable

    Snowplow blades are among one of the most destructive forces against other forms of pavement markings. Endurablend will not be affected or damaged by snowplows traveling over its surface. 

  • Salt and Oil Proof

    Any surface that experiences motor vehicle traffic will become covered in salt and oil throughout the year. Endurablend is designed to resist the destructive properties of these substances - keeping your pavement and crosswalk designs undamaged and intact. 

  • Environmentally Stable

    Endurablend was designed with the environment in mind. You can install Endurablend over any paved surface without worrying about environmental implications thanks to its non-hazardous formula. It will not cause danger to people, animals, or nearby plant life. 

  • Simple Maintenance

    Though Endurablend is designed to endure longer than other pavement overlay solutions, there are times when logos and designs may become damaged despite our best efforts. Endurablend spray can be applied as a touch-up or spot treatment later on if you need to repair a design. 

  • Thermally Compatible

    Endurablend’s formula is thermally compatible. It is able to adapt to seasonal changes in temperature, whether in extreme cold, heat, or a crisp temperate day. 

  • Professionally Installed

    Pavement Surface Coatings and our network of authorized installers will install your new Endurablend overlay with prompt and professional service. We do our utmost to ensure that your logo or design is installed in a timely manner with impeccable attention to detail. 

  • Cost-Effective for Municipal Budgets

    Frequent roadway maintenance places a strain on municipal budgets, which can ultimately impact the taxpayer. Endurablend helps to extend the lifespan of your paved surface, reduce maintenance downtime, and can help reduce labor and material costs for roadwork projects. 

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