Endurablend for “Cool Streets”

In urban environments, asphalt pavements can reach peak summertime temperatures of 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, (50 to 65 degrees Celsius) heating the air above them resulting in increased energy costs and has an adverse effect on our health and overall air quality.  This phenomenon is called the summer “urban heat island effect.” Addressing this heating effect will only become more important because the world is rapidly urbanizing. Increasing temperatures stress ecosystems, increase the frequency and duration of heatwaves, and exacerbate air pollution. Together, these factors are creating serious health risks for people around the world.

Roofs and pavements cover about 60 percent of urban surfaces and absorb more than 80 percent of the sunlight that contacts them. This energy is converted to heat, which results in hotter, more polluted cities, and higher energy costs.

In an effort to combat the “Heat Island Effect”, Pavement Surface Coatings has introduced special infrared solar reflective pigments into Endurablend that will dramatically reduce the temperature of the asphalt pavement resulting in a lower heat index, lower energy costs, and improved air quality.  In addition, Endurablend will seal and protect the asphalt surface from petroleum, salt & de-icing materials, and UV degradation thus, extending the life of the pavement.  Endurablend has an expected life span of 10 years in heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions.

Cool Streets