Endurablend™ Installed at Sunset Triangle Plz Hollywood, CA

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles Department of Transportation has completed the resurfacing of Sunset Triangle Plaza. The popular and unique plaza got a new surface colored with the green polka dot signature design. Sterndahl Contracting installed the new surface over the previously existing colored surface.

Sterndahl coated the plaza with colored Endurablend, produced by Pavement Surface Coatings, a product that not only presents an attractive vibrant surface but repaired previous potholes and cracks, providing a safer attractive plaza.

Endurablend has been used on four other Los Angeles Plaza projects in the past and is the only specified product for coatings for the Peoples Street Projects.

The surface at Sunset is very aged concrete, with sections of patched asphalt. Endurablend has been specified here, and at other locations, for its ability to repair damage substrate prior to applying the colored walking surface. This polymer-modified cement displays tremendous durability and is totally resistant to sunlight (UV) degradation experienced with other coatings.

Sterndahl’s crews coordinated the installation to minimize the impact on the local businesses as well as allow the operation of the popular Tuesday and Saturday Farmers Market held on the Plaza. The crews spent one day preparing the Plaza surface by removing deteriorated concrete and asphalt and cleaning the entire area with super high pressured water. The next day was utilized to prefill and repair the damaged areas using the Endurablend as a restoration material. After a day off for the Farmers Market, the entire surface was coated with the base green Endurablend and the subsequent final day involved the installation of the yellow circles and the area was sealed with a protective sealer.

All the decorative planters were repositioned to return the Plaza to full operations.