Endurablend™ Approved Product For Los Angeles Green Bike Lanes

Los Angeles Green Bike Lanes

Endurablend™ is a Color Surface Treatment.

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has approved Endurablend™ for green bike lane delineation within Los Angeles. After considerable testing of various products, the LADOT selected Pavement Surface Coatings’ Endurablend™ pigmented in a custom green color developed with the film industry. Endurablend’s™ cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, compatibility with both asphalt and concrete, and exceptional durability were all factors in this decision.

Endurablend™ Brings This Innovation to Los Angeles Bike Lanes

Endurablend™ utilizes new polymer technology, which provides either conventional monolithic surfaces or a unique patterned appearance. With this new patterned technology, Endurablend™ will make a green bike lane a smoother riding surface and enhanced water dispersion in rainstorms.

The Los Angeles City Council has recently rejected a motion that would limit green bike lanes, crafted in an effort to ‘not create unnecessary impediments to location shooting…’, but has instead found an agreed-upon shade of green that would satisfy both the concerns of the local film and television productions, as well as the safety of bicyclists in the city. Endurablend™ was the chosen product.

LADOT has been using Endurablend™ for some time on pedestrian plazas and specifically on Broadway Dress Rehearsal project. Those successes influenced the LADOT’s decision on selecting Endurablend™ as the product for their custom-colored green bike lanes. LADOT engineer Tim Fremaux indicated Endurablend™ would be used on the Great Streets projects on Van Nuys Boulevard and Venice Boulevard as well as the under-construction MyFig complete streets project.

Endurablend™ has been used extensively across the US, including New York City, as well as South Africa and Canada. Endurablend’s™ versatility, environmentally safe formula and large network of certified installers has made it the leading product for decorative crosswalks, bus and bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, logos and recently, as an antiskid coating.
Safe, Cost-Effective, High-Performance Surfacing

Endurablend’s™ cement base and specialty polymer, provides thermal compatibility, extremely strong bond, and exceptional durability. The special polymer in Endurablend™ enables it to perform exceptionally well on both asphalt and concrete surfaces, something previously unavailable with polymer-modified cement. With the addition of colored aggregate to the mix, these coated surfaces provide excellent skid resistance while further extending the useful life of any substrate. Not only does this system designate the colored bike lanes, but it also helps repair and protect the underlying surfaces. Endurablend™ will outperform the competition with competitive prices and high production installation techniques.

Endurablend™ is manufactured and distributed by Pavement Surface Coatings. Headquartered in Mountain Lakes, NJ, PSC continues to work with leading testing organizations, polymer manufacturers, material suppliers, equipment designers and manufacturers, and government organizations to develop and improve our products and installation efficiency and techniques. To learn more about Endurablend™, please visit www.pavementsurfacecoatings.com.