Pavement Marking Solutions

Enduramark Provides Long Lasting, Durable Cement Based Line Striping

Enduramark is a new approach to pavement markings. Enduramark is a polymer-modified cement providing significant advantages over current material technologies. It provides an exceptional bond to both asphalt and concrete and is unaffected by heat, cold, and UV degradation, and provides unparalleled durability. Enduramark does not require new equipment technology and only requires relatively inexpensive modifications to current pavement marking equipment and trucks.

Although cement-based, Enduramark is flexible, non-brittle, and accepts and retains all reflective media, providing long-lasting retro-reflectivity. Innovative application techniques allow for increased wet night retro-reflectivity.

Enduramark can be applied to existing thermoplastic and MMA markings. It is applied at 35-40 mil using existing paint and thermoplastic guns.

Enduramark has over 3 years of exceptional performance in heavily snow-plowed environments.

Enduramark comes in powder form and only requires the addition of water. It is non-hazardous and all equipment is cleaned with water.

Enduramark Installation in Michigan after 3 years close up

Installation Video