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The United States marks around 42,000 deaths each year on America’s roadways. Cities across the U.S. now feature a Vision Zero program with the ultimate goal of zero traffic fatalities. This multi-national program started in Sweden in 1997 with a mission to ensure the roads are safe and accessible for all. Pavement marking solutions and clearly marked lines on roadways are crucial elements of Vision Zero. A revolutionary pavement marking solution, Enduramark, offered by Pavement Surface Coatings LLC, is the way forward for safer municipality roadways.

What is Enduramark?

Enduramark is a unique and innovative durable pavement marking material for all roadway applications. From long lines to crosswalk and intersection markings, Enduramark can do it all. Unlike existing durable markings, thermoplastic, epoxy, and MMA, Enduramark is cement based and does not environmentally degrade over time from salts, acid rains, UV degradation and extreme temperatures.

Enduramark has superior bonding strength to both asphalt and concrete pavements and although cement-based, is flexible, non-brittle and accepts and retains all reflective media, providing long-lasting retro-reflectivity. Innovative application techniques allow for increased wet night retro-reflectivity. Enduramark can be recessed into your pavement to provide greater durability. Installed at a thickness of 35-40 mils, Enduramark can be re-striped over existing thermoplastic or MMA.

Enduramark has an impressive track record of durability in regions of this country that are exposed to heavy snow plowing. In Michigan, we have recessed long-line markings that been installed for 3 years with zero wear or glass bead loss.

Enduramark provides the most durable and cost-effective pavement marking in the marketplace today. Enduramark will reduce your maintenance costs while increasing roadway safety.

Ease of Pavement Marking with Enduramark

Cities with a Vision Zero program or those planning its implementation will find Enduramark an ideal choice for safer roadways. The pavement marking doesn’t require special equipment, only a small modification to municipalities’ existing pavement marking gear and trucks. The non-hazardous material is in a powder form and requires only water. Once the application is complete, the equipment needs only a quick water cleaning.

Enduramark’s Answer to Common Roadway Safety Issues

The durability of Endurablend also addresses one of the chief concerns with the nation’s drivers: an aging population. Drivers within the 65 or older demographic equal almost 48 million motorists on the road, and nearly 540 older adults are injured in crashes daily. While driving helps adults maintain independence and offers mobility, today’s older drivers may face trouble seeing roadway lines, especially on older, rural roads or roads that need repair. The human eye experiences less clear vision at night, even in adults without eyesight problems, and this presents safety issues on poorly-marked roads.

Nighttime driving is one of the worst times of day for driving on older roads, and half of the nation’s fatal automobile crashes occur at night. Roadways with worn or damaged lines increase the risk of fatalities, especially on rural roads. Even bright headlights may contribute to crashes, as high-beam headlines reduce visibility to 500 feet, reducing a driver’s reaction time. On-coming vehicle lights may disorient or confuse the driver in a phenomenon known as “disability glare.” Recovery time needed for disability glare increases when on-coming headlights are bright. Enduramark maintains the lines and preserves the glass beads, which provides retro-reflectivity to guide drivers safely while on the road, even for drivers with less-than-perfect eyesight or those with night blindness.

Improve Your Municipality’s Line Striping Process Today

Enduramark’s durability and ease of application are unmatched in the pavement marking industry. Switching to Enduramark for line striping is the smart and safe choice for any city or state wanting to improve its roads' quality. Contact Pavement Surface Coatings, LLC today, and get ready to preserve and protect your roadways’ pavement markings for years to come.


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