India Square Project

Endurablend polymer cement surfacing was recently installed at India Square in Jersey City, New Jersey. This mural is a wonderful representation of the Indian community in Jersey City, which is home to one of the largest populations of the Indian diaspora in the entire western hemisphere. Endurablend was chosen because of its' proven durability to hold up to heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions and because of its' bright and vibrant colors. Endurablend holds up to snow plowing and is not affected by salts or de-icing materials. Above is a time lapse video of the installation.

A quote from Barka Patel, Jersey City Director of Transportation. “We are thrilled with the result we have achieved through this partnership between the City of Jersey City, community members, and Statewide Striping.”

The street mural is done in a style called Rangoli, which goes by many names. It’s an ancient Indian art form that involves hand-pouring colored sand, flour/rice/grains, natural powders, flower petals, etc. into decorative patterns on the ground or threshold of a home to celebrate holidays and special occasions. We wanted to incorporate that idea on this street with something a little more high-tech and permanent!

Most of the city’s Indian restaurants and businesses are also located on this portion of Newark Avenue. We wanted the community to feel seen in the place they’ve made home and contributed to immensely for many decades.

We also installed decorative gateway signage featuring the lotus, a culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant icon in India that symbolizes the ability to rise through obstacles with grace and beauty, as a lotus flower rises from the mud.

To help the street feel like more of a pedestrian space and less of a truck corridor, we removed turning lanes and reclaimed the space at the intersection for curb extensions, which is where people gather to take selfies with the beautiful signs. Art, culture, traffic safety, placemaking, and the very spirit of our city all rolled into one special project!

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