Jersey City’s Marin Avenue Intersection Gets A Makeover!


Endrablend Installed For New Decorative Intersection, On Marin Avenue.

Jersey City, NJ--Our Endurablend was recently installed on Marin Ave in downtown Jersey City as a decorative treatment for this very busy intersection. Endurablend was chosen because of its’ ability to hold up to heavy traffic and extreme weather. Endurablend is an “Ultra-Thin” (1/8”) surface treatment for asphalt and concrete pavements and consists of a specially formulated polymer modified cement that is spray applied to your surface. Stencils can be used to create patterns for decorative or safety applications. Endurablend is designed to provide you with an extremely durable colored surface treatment that will seal and protect the surface from salts, de-icing materials, oils and most chemicals, thus extending the life of the pavement. With Endurablend you can create designs using virtually any color, texture or pattern that you require.

Endurablend can be used as both an asphalt and concrete polymer overlay to protect surfaces from cracking and spalling for years to come while repairing the existing deterioration of these substrates.