Maintain Cool Pavement Before the Summer Season with Endurablend

Summer heat hits hardest in urban areas. The built environment—streets, buildings, sidewalks, and so on—absorb and release more warmth than natural landscapes. So, the temperature in a city is often higher than the temperature in its surrounding areas. This is known as the heat island effect.

Because of the heat island effect, daytime temps in urban areas are elevated by 1–7°F.
Cities can fight back against the heat island effect by adding green space, planting trees, encouraging green roofs, and incentivizing energy efficiency.

However, the expansive amount of pavement in cities contains a massive amount of heat-sucking potential. That’s why strategic pavement coating is a critical tool for cooling down cities by reducing heat absorption.

Safe and Attractive Pavement Protection

Pavement Surface Coatings manufactures Endurablend. This polymer-modified cement overlay prolongs the lifespan of a paved surface while improving solar heat reflection.

Endurablend is made with light-colored pigments. This reduces the absorption and re-emission of heat. City governments add Endurablend for these simultaneous benefits:

  • Fight the heat island effect by improving solar heat reflection
  • Prolong the lifespan of paved surfaces
  • Create beautiful, colorful, and functional designs for public spaces

As cities grow and temperatures rise, the heat island effect is a major concern. For cooler surfaces and these additional advantages, consider using Endurablend on your city’s streets.

Year-Round Protection

In addition to keeping pavement cool during the summer, Endurablend provides protection against winter threats.

During cold weather, moisture seeps into holes and cracks in asphalt and concrete. The water repeatedly freezes and thaws. This puts pressure on the pavement, causing cracking and crumbling.

The protective barrier provided by Endurablend is thermally compatible across all weather conditions, reducing environmental moisture impacts. Endurablend is also suited for climates where snowplows are used. An Endurablend surface can withstand the wear and tear of plow blades without damage.

Custom Pigmentation

Bright, long-lasting colors turn paved areas into exciting public spaces. Whether you need to add basic white traffic stripes, create a green bike lane, or add an artistic feature—Endurablend can help. The product can be pigmented to create virtually any color.

Environmentally Safe

Excessive urban heat harms the local environment. Stormwater runoff is heated by warmer paved surfaces. This water then flows into streams, lakes, and ponds, where it raises the water temperature and harms aquatic plants and animals.

Endurablend, in addition to cooling off paved surfaces, is an environmentally friendly product. The substance is water-based and contains no harmful ingredients. In fact, Endurablend use can even qualify for LEED credits.

Safer for Pedestrians and Motorists

Endurablend’s long-lasting durability and highly-visible coloring allow for many years of use. During the long life of an Endurablend coating, use of the coated pavement is made safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

UV Protection

Over time, few surfaces can resist the power of the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight gradually destroy the polymers of concrete. This process contributes to the weakening, crumbling, and seam separation of pavement.

Fortunately, Endurablend is designed to prevent UV damage to paved surfaces. This extends the functional life of the pavement and decreases the frequency of repair needs.

Use on Roofs and Walls

Along with streets and sidewalks, walls and roofs contribute to the heat island effect. Overlaying Endurablend on these surfaces is another urban cooling method used by city governments.

Lower Energy Costs for Residents

Higher temperatures raise the cost of living. More air conditioning and water use results in higher utility bills.

Fighting the heat island effect eases the financial and environmental strains of peak summer energy use.

Get Started with Your Endurablend Project

Pavement Surface Coatings is a proud sponsor of the Global Cool Cities Alliance Cool Roadways partnership. We connect with communities that need effective long-term solutions for maintaining cooler roadways.

Endurablend is a cutting-edge pavement surface coating solution. An Endurablend overlay is flexible and durable on both asphalt and concrete.

Thanks to the infrared solar reflective pigments in Endurablend, the Pavement Surface Coatings team is helping cities to battle the heat island effect. Learn more about cooler streets and see samples of our work here.

To get started with your Endurablend project, view our list of authorized installers or contact us for more information.