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cool roadways partnership

Everything You Need to Know About the Cool Roadways Partnership

Making Strides to Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect in Communities that Need it Most At Pavement Surface Coatings, we are proud sponsors of the Cool Roadways Partnership established by the Global Cool Cities Alliance. We believe their mission to address the impacts of rising urban temperatures aligns directly with our own. In addition to…


NJDOT Chooses Endurablend for Hackettstown Streetscape

NJDOT Chooses Endurablend for Hackettstown Route 46 Streetscape   NJDOT chose to use Endurablend for the Route 46 Streetscape project in Hackettstown. In an effort to dress up Main Street in the downtown area, Endurablend polymer cement surfacing was installed with a decorative 45-degree Herringbone brick pattern with a soldier course border and a medium…

urban heat island effect

Reducing Impacts of Heat Island Effect in NYC and NJ

How Urban Heat Islands Impact Communities   We are proud to announce that we’ve joined the Cool Roadways Partnership to help reduce the impact of the Heat Island Effect in urban areas. What is the Heat Island Effect?  The “Heat Island Effect” refers to urban landscapes experiencing higher temperatures during the summer than other municipal…

PSC new size


Pavement Surface Coatings. Joins the fight against “Heat Island Effect” by joining the “Cool Roadways Partnership.” A national effort to help combat what is called the “Heat Island Effect” in urban environments is on the rise. During the summer months, urbanized areas experience higher temperatures. Structures such as buildings, roadways, and other infrastructure absorb and re-emit…


5 Benefits of Traffic Calming Pavement Markings

Traffic calming pavement markings and surfaces allow municipalities to better control motorist behavior. By directing drivers how to behave through a variety of signals on the street, you can increase pedestrian safety and reduce the risk of accidents.  The primary objective of your traffic calming strategy should be reducing vehicle speeds. Accomplishing this often requires…

bike lanes

Colored Bike Lanes Can Help Improve Safety

Bike lanes and bus lanes help non-motorists navigate through congested roadways with greater ease. Especially in highly urbanized areas, these special lanes help bikers and bus passengers travel toward their destinations without having to risk their safety on the roadways or have to weave through pedestrians on the sidewalk. However, in many areas where bike…

Hoboken. Washington Street Press Release Jan. 9, 2020pdf3

PLAY BALL! Endurablend Hits a Grand Slam on Hoboken’s Washington Street

At the intersection of Washington Street and11th Street, Endurablend was installed with a baseball logo to signify the first officially recorded organized baseball game in June of 1846. This intersection marks the exact location of the baseball infield. The City of Hoboken also chose to use our Endurablend polymer cement micro-surfacing treatment to help in…


Endurablend “The most durable pavement surface treatment in the market today!”

Pavement Surface Coatings manufactures a unique and innovative product called Endurablend.  Endurablend consists of a polymer-modified cement mixed with fibers, aggregates, and pigments that can be spray applied to both asphalt and concrete pavements to provide extremely durable maintenance-free decorative pavement designs and colored safety surfacing.  In addition, Endurablend will preserve and protect the surface…

cool streets

Endurablend for “Cool Streets”

In urban environments, asphalt pavements can reach peak summertime temperatures of 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, (50 to 65 degrees Celsius) heating the air above them resulting in increased energy costs and has an adverse effect on our health and overall air quality.  This phenomenon is called the summer “urban heat island effect.” Addressing this…

JC-Feat Img

A Pretty Flow of Traffic for Jersey City’s 235 Grand Street.

Endurablend Installs Decorative Surface on Former Morris Canal Historic Site. In September, our Endurablend “Ultra-Thin” surfacing system was installed at a historic site in Jersey City, NJ. The location on Grand Street was the beginning of the famous Morris Canal which was constructed in 1824. It transported much-needed coal and other goods from the Hudson…


A Perfect Blend for Long Branch New Jersey!

Just recently, our Endurablend was installed at the Pier Village Ocean Resort located in Long Branch, New Jersey. Endurablend was installed on the main driveway thru this New resort located along the New Jersey coastline. Endurablend was chosen because of its decorative capabilities in colors and custom designs. It was also chosen because of its’…


Wildwood, New Jersey chooses Endurablend for its innovative street scape design.

Cape May County, New Jersey chooses Endurablend for its innovative streetscape design in the City of Wildwood. Wildwood is a popular seaside resort. Endurablend was chosen because of its decorative capabilities in colors and custom designs. Additionally, Cape May County Public Works was more impressed with Endurablend’s ability to hold up to traffic and extreme…


Pedestrian Plaza, White Plains, NY| Pavement Surface Coatings

The City of White Plains, NY chose our Endurablend to help create the look of a Pedestrian Plaza on one of their busy downtown streets. Court Street is right in the center of downtown White Plains. Court Street is home to many local restaurants and markets. On Wednesday’s, the city closes Court Street to traffic…

Las Vegas After

City of Las Vegas

The City of Las Vegas had installed preformed thermoplastic with a brick pattern on to a concrete crosswalk. The material had problems with bonding and premature wear. They had us repair the crosswalks using Endurablend. We did this by using grinders to remove the existing preformed thermoplastic. We filled in the joints with EB and…

JErsey City Decorative Intersection

Jersey City’s Marin Avenue Intersection Gets A Makeover!

Endrablend Installed For New Decorative Intersection, On Marin Avenue. Jersey City, NJ–Our Endurablend was recently installed on Marin Ave in downtown Jersey City as a decorative treatment for this very busy intersection. Endurablend was chosen because of its’ ability to hold up to heavy traffic and extreme weather. Endurablend is an “Ultra-Thin” (1/8”) surface treatment…

Los Angeles Green Bike Lanes

Endurablend™ Approved Product For Los Angeles Green Bike Lanes

Endurablend™ is a Color Surface Treatment. LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has approved Endurablend™ for green bike lane delineation within Los Angeles. After considerable testing of various products, the LADOT selected Pavement Surface Coatings’ Endurablend™ pigmented in a custom green color developed with the film industry. Endurablend’s™ cost-effectiveness, ease of…

New York City Bus & Bike Lanes

Pavement Surface Coatings Named Approved Vendor for New York City Bus & Bike Lanes

Pavement Surface Coatings uses Endurablend™ for Color Surface Treatment. Pavement Surface Coatings has been named an approved vendor for Color Surface Treatment installations in New York City. Pavement Surface Coatings uses Endurablend™ systems, an innovative polymer-modified cement-surfacing product, which is more effective and cost-efficient than other traditional surface coating treatments. PSC Brings This Innovation to…

Sunset Triangle Plaza in Hollywood, California

Endurablend™ Installed at Sunset Triangle Plz Hollywood, CA

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles Department of Transportation has completed the resurfacing of Sunset Triangle Plaza. The popular and unique plaza got a new surface colored with the green polka dot signature design. Sterndahl Contracting installed the new surface over the previously existing colored surface. Sterndahl coated the plaza with colored Endurablend, produced by Pavement…


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