Partnership with the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA)

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Pavement Surface Coatings, LLC proudly announces they are an American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) member. Established more than six decades ago, the ACPA is the voice of the concrete industry as educators and advocates of concrete as a preferred pavement solution. Pavement Surfacing Coatings is now a member of the ACPA New York, Iowa and Wisconsin chapters. As the revolutionary creator of pavement preservation solutions such as Endurablend, the partnership lets them continue to make concrete pavement safer, more durable, and longer lasting.

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Endurablend Concrete Pavement Preservation Solutions

Endurablend is a polymer cement overlay created for concrete and asphalt on roads, bridge decks, highways, and pedestrian areas. It features a thin, 1/16” thick overlay, creating a strong protective coating that bonds well to the concrete. Its ease of application and durability make it a premier pavement preservation solution for many in the concrete industry.

Extend Concrete Safety and Lifespan with Endurablend

While concrete is a durable and practical pavement choice, most concrete surfaces face heavy traffic, which causes wear and erosion of the concrete’s surface. Concrete may crack and spall over time. Uneven, bubbled, chipped, or flaking concrete poses a safety risk to drivers plus increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Endurablend makes concrete roads safer by helping repair these defects plus preserving the pavement and improving friction.

Endurablend also protects against other causes of concrete degradation, including salts, deicers, and UV light. The protective coating helps concrete withstand even the most extreme conditions. Endurablend is a smart, economical choice, as concrete’s improved longevity reduces the frequency of maintenance or repair for municipalities and DOTs.

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The Best Resurfacing Choice for Concrete

Endurablend helps protect concrete from wear but also helps restore it by repairing existing deterioration when used as a resurfacing material. One of the best applications for Endurablend is on bridge decks, which may freeze in cold conditions and offer a slippery surface when wet. Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds weather-related crashes make up 21% of the total vehicle crashes yearly, with 70% of crashes on wet pavement. Motorists may drive on wet pavement but are unable to stop efficiently, resulting in an accident.

Endurablend application creates a skid-resistant concrete overlay, letting motorists travel over bridges safer, thereby reducing the chance of motor vehicle accidents. Municipalities and DOTs can opt for a hexagonal surface pattern to improve water drainage and let it disperse evenly around vehicle tires to prevent hydroplaning.

Endurablend’s Advantages Over Diamond Grinding Concrete

Diamond grinding concrete, when used to improve the road’s surface, reduce noise, and restore friction, is a popular but temporary solution for concrete repair. The process, unfortunately, lasts only a few years and can only be performed twice, or it reduces slab thickness too much. Diamond grinding is an expensive and long process with specialized equipment. Roadways and bridge decks may need closure to complete the grinding process.

Endurablend offers an excellent alternative to diamond grinding. It restores friction easily and improves the pavement’s lifespan; municipalities and DOTs can reapply it as needed. In addition, diamond grinding can’t address other defaults in the concrete, but Endurablend can repair existing defects in the road as needed.

Get Safer Durable Roads Now

Endurablend offers numerous benefits, easy application, and financial savings over traditional pavement preservation solutions. If you’re ready to learn more and see how you can improve your concrete’s durability, friction, and lifespan, contact Pavement Surface Coatings, LLC today.


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