5 Benefits of Traffic Calming Pavement Markings


Traffic calming pavement markings and surfaces allow municipalities to better control motorist behavior. By directing drivers how to behave through a variety of signals on the street, you can increase pedestrian safety and reduce the risk of accidents. 

The primary objective of your traffic calming strategy should be reducing vehicle speeds. Accomplishing this often requires more than installing a visible speed limit sign. 

Elected officials commonly receive requests from concerned constituents regarding road safety. However, many roadway modifications are expensive. Instead of placing a significant financial burden on the taxpayer, pavement markings can provide a more cost-effective solution. 

Are you considering high-quality pavement markings for your municipality? Here are some benefits that you should factor into your decision. 

No Extensive Renovations to the Roadways

Renovating roadways can involve costly measures like digging up asphalt, complete repaving, and broadening or narrowing the street. Other factors to consider include full or partial road closures, pedestrian detours, on-site police presence, and countless others. 

Pavement markings offer a more streamlined solution. By simply modernizing your road surface, you can save time and money while producing impactful results for your residents. 

Clearer Directions for Motorists 

Pavement markings can help reduce traffic speeds and prevent motorists from moving out of designated lanes. Some of these markings you can place on your roadway include: 

Pedestrian Crosswalks

These walkways run perpendicular to oncoming traffic and provide a safe path for pedestrians to cross. Marking them with vivid, visible colors can further alert drivers to their presence. 

Curb Bump-Outs

Curb bump-outs allow extra buffer space between motorists lanes and pedestrian walkways. This will help ensure that motorists remain farther away from the curb and reduce the risk of accidents affecting sidewalks. 

Raised and Flushed Intersections

Raised surfaces on intersections can raise motorists’ alertness. When driving over a more coarse material, the driver becomes more aware of changing road patterns and is more likely to exercise caution as a result. 

Flushed intersections can provide clear directions to motorists while remaining flat against a standard road surface. Beyond common roadways, these can also add additional safety value to high-traffic parking lots like schools and office complexes. 

Shoulders and Medians

On large, high-traffic roads, maintaining adequate space between vehicles is essential. With visible shoulder and median markings, you can ensure that each motorist is provided with enough room to drive safely. 

Warning Patches

Placing large, colorful warning patches on roadways can signal a significant upcoming change in traffic patterns. For example, a warning patch indicating a changing speed limit can advise motorists to slow down before entering a lower-speed environment. Highways can also use warning patches to indicate which toll lanes accept cash or electronic payments. 

Bike and Bus Lanes

Bike and bus lanes have increased in popularity over recent years. People are looking to save on transportation costs and reduce environmental impact. Public transportation and bikes are providing this solution. 

Colorful, high-visibility bike and bus lanes can help prevent motorists from driving into these designated areas. This results in a safer environment for bus passengers to board and for cyclists to travel to their destinations. 


A high-quality pavement marking withstands the wear-and-tear of constant driving and volatile weather. Basic alternatives will require more frequent reapplications which can increase maintenance and material costs. Instead, opt for a more specialized solution that will maintain its color and integrity for longer periods of time. 

Multiple Driver Signals at Once 

Traffic calming pavement markings can alert motorists in more ways than one. Some of these include: 

  • Road textures that feel different beneath the tires
  • Bright, high-visibility colors that catch drivers’ attention 
  • Patterns that clearly indicate unauthorized road spaces for vehicles 


These signals notify drivers where they can and can not travel on a road surface. Using any of these pavement markings will help better direct traffic along intended pathways. 

Better Quality of Life for All 

Safer roadways result in a better quality of life for both pedestrians and drivers. Pavement markings grant greater peace of mind for everyone. Crossing streets and navigating traffic patterns become more seamless processes and the chances of accidents are greatly reduced. 

Get Higher-Quality Pavement Markings for Your Municipality

At Pavement Surface Coatings, we have invested countless research and development hours into developing a superior pavement marking solution. This resulted in our unique material that has proven more flexible and durable than other similar products on the market. 

We believe that safer roadways are a sound investment for any municipality. Whether you are governing a large city or a small rural community, everyone deserves to travel freely and securely. 

To learn about how you can improve the quality of your pavement markings, please contact us anytime for more information.