Asphalt Emulsions Treatment Solutions


Treat Asphalt Binders and Emulsions with Endurablend 

Asphalt emulsions are a popular alternative to traditional hot-mix asphalt due to their low cost and efficient energy usage. They are created with three key ingredients: Liquid asphalt, water, and an emulsifier. 

How Are Asphalt Emulsions Used? 

A roadwork crew can use asphalt emulsions for nearly all pavement applications. These can include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Targeted spot treatments for creative and preventative maintenance projects
  • Resurfacing worn pavements 
  • Evening, leveling or reclaiming pavement
  • Initial pavements for new roadways 

No matter the application, the intended purpose of the asphalt emulsion is to preserve the pavement’s structural integrity while maintaining a smooth and level surface with the rest of the roadway. For example, if you notice a dark strip of fresh pavement on a section of road that was recently excavated to repair a utility line, that was likely filled back in with an asphalt emulsion. 

Why Asphalt Emulsions Need Protective Treatment 

Like any other part of a paved surface, asphalt emulsions can be subject to cracking, weather damage, and the usual wear and tear of frequent vehicle traffic. Without a preservation treatment in place, this problem can become more prevalent and require further costly and time-consuming maintenance. 

Treat Asphalt Emulsions with Endurablend 

Endurablend is our polymer-based treatment for asphalt and concrete paved surfaces. Unlike other solutions on the market, it offers unique properties such as: 

Heat Reflection 

Endurablend features solar-reflective pigments that help cool the roadway. Not only does this result in reduced asphalt heat absorption, but it can also help prevent UV damage to the pavement. 

Pigments and Textures for Traffic Control

Upon request, Endurablend can be pigmented to match any desired color. It can be applied over areas where specific colors are needed for traffic control purposes, such as marking out bike and bus lanes or pedestrian crosswalks. 

Endurablend coatings can also be created with multiple patterns that can change the road texture to mark unauthorized road spaces or catch motorists’ attention. This enhances driver awareness and can contribute to greater road safety. 

High-Friction Surfaces for Weather Resistance

Weather events like rainstorms and snowfall can create a slicker road surface. This increases the chances of accidents and related injuries. When covering the roadway with a durable, textured treatment, the amount of slickness and potential weather-related risks can be reduced considerably. 

Longer Pavement Lifespan 

As a unique polymer-based coating solution, Endurablend can help protect pavement against surface cracking and extend its lifespan considerably. Unlike other treatment options, Endurablend will last an average of 10 years before requiring reapplication. 

Preserve Your Asphalt Emulsion Pavement with Endurablend Today 

Applying Endurablend to your municipal roadways is a smart investment in their longevity and safety for motorists and pedestrians alike, especially for asphalt emulsion-based surfaces. Click here to view authorized Endurablend installers near you. 


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