Pavement Surface Coatings Named Approved Vendor for New York City Bus & Bike Lanes

Pavement Surface Coatings uses Endurablend™ for Color Surface Treatment.

Pavement Surface Coatings has been named an approved vendor for Color Surface Treatment installations in New York City. Pavement Surface Coatings uses Endurablend™ systems, an innovative polymer-modified cement-surfacing product, which is more effective and cost-efficient than other traditional surface coating treatments.

PSC Brings This Innovation to New York Cities Bus and Bike Lanes

For New York City, Pavement Surface Coatings is now approved to install color surface treatments for bus and bike lanes and other surface treatment applications. PSC utilizes new polymer technology, which provides either conventional monolithic surfaces or a unique pattern. With this new technology, PSC will make a green bike lane and red bus lane with a smoother riding surface and enhanced water dispersion in rainstorms.

Safe, Cost-Effective, High-Performance Surfacing

Whether it’s filling and sealing cracks, installing pedestrian crosswalks, or providing high friction surfacing on high-traffic roadways, Pavement Surface Coatings is focused on safety and cost-efficiency. PSC works with installers, engineers, architects, and owners to provide durable, high-performance surfacing solutions. Together, they can create safe, cost-effective, long-lasting surfaces across a wide range of industries and applications.

Endurablend’s™ cement base and specialty polymer, provides thermal compatibility, extremely strong bond, and exceptional durability. The polymer base works with asphalt and concrete, previously unavailable to polymer-modified cements. With the addition of colored aggregate to the mix, these coated surfaces provide excellent skid resistance while further extending the useful life of any substrate. Not only does this system designate the colored bike and bus lanes, but it also helps repair and protects the underlying surfaces. Endurablend™ will outperform the competition with competitive prices and high production installation techniques.

“We have worked closely with NYCDOT over the past two years to evaluate the performance of the Endurablend installations in the City. PSC appreciates the fact that NYCDOT has determined that Endurablend meets the rigorous demands of Colored Surface Treatments on the heavily trafficked streets of the Five Boroughs” says Robert Wilson, founder, and owner of PSC.

Pavement Surface Coatings is also an approved vendor by Los Angeles DOT, New York State DOT, New Jersey DOT, New Haven, Conn, and most counties and municipalities in New Jersey. In addition to these approvals, Pavement Surface Coatings has a team of installers across the U.S., with installations in Denver, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Nashville, Mississippi, and North Carolina. The growing international reach of PSC includes installations in Montreal and Cape Town, SA.