PLAY BALL! Endurablend Hits a Grand Slam on Hoboken's Washington Street

At the intersection of Washington Street and11th Street, Endurablend was installed with a baseball logo to signify the first officially recorded organized baseball game in June of 1846. This intersection marks the exact location of the baseball infield.

The City of Hoboken also chose to use our Endurablend polymer cement micro-surfacing treatment to help in the revitalization of Washington Street in the center of downtown Hoboken. Endurablend was used for the green-colored bike lanes to help delineate the dedicated lane to the motorist and to improve safety for the bicyclist. The bus stops were treated with a red Endurablend to help designate the bus stop. Both applications used a hexagon pattern to help minimize rainwater on the surface to improve safety.

Endurablend was chosen because of its proven track record of durability, vibrant colors, versatility in design options, and ease of maintenance in this heavily traveled urban environment. Endurablend will seal and protect the pavement surface from salts, oils, and UV degradation.

Hoboken. Washington Street Press Release Jan. 9, 2020pdf2
Hoboken. Washington Street Press Release Jan. 9, 2020pdf3