Endurablend™ Specifications

Specification Sheets

Is Endurablend™ the right fit for your project? Download an Endurablend™ product specification sheet to get the information you need to select the best fit for your project.


Endurablend™  is a flexible polymer modified cement slurry surfacing for both asphalt and concrete surfaces. Endurablend™ is available with multiple aggregate types and can be pigmented to suit specific project requirements. It forms a self-leveling layer, which cures to form a durable, skid-resistant and low-permeability surfacing. This product has excellent bond characteristics on both asphalt and concrete and forms a fuel and chloride-resistant barrier. The product can be used in a wide range of applications including pavement preservation, color surfacing, cross walks and skid resistant surfaces.

Endurablend™ Crackfill

Endurablend™ Crackfill is high flow polymer modified cement slurry that can be used to fill cracks beneath new surface treatments or asphalt overlays. Endurablend™ Crackfill is unique in that it offers low shrink on cure and hardens to form a semi-rigid, stable material even at high temperatures to provide excellent support year round. Endurablend™ Crackfill performs equally as well on asphalt or concrete cracks.