Vision Zero

Vision Zero is an initiative being undertaken by cities across the United States and worldwide to implement traffic planning practices with the goal to eliminate pedestrian and bike rider deaths.

What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is a worldwide road traffic safety initiative to create a safer highway, road and infrastructure system.

The Vision Zero belief is centered on one main theme: no loss of life is acceptable. Vision Zero recognizes traffic-related injuries and deaths are preventable and are therefore unacceptable.

The Vision Zero initiative is based on four main principles:

  1. Ethics: human life and health are paramount and take priority over mobility and other objectives of the road traffic system.
  2. Responsibility: providers and regulators of the road traffic system share responsibility with users.
  3. Safety: road traffic systems should take account of human fallibility and minimize both the opportunities for errors and the harm done when they occur.
  4. Mechanisms for change: providers and regulators must do their utmost to guarantee the safety of all citizens; they must cooperate with road users; and all three must be ready to change to achieve safety.

The History of Vision Zero

Initially conceived in 1994, Vision Zero started as an initiative for traffic safety in Sweden. Three years later, Vision Zero was written into law by the Road Traffic Safety Bill.

Since then, Vision Zero has grown into a multi-national effort to significantly reduce traffic-related fatalities and injuries to one magic number: zero. Countries across the world, including Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States have adopted Vision Zero to reduce traffic-related fatalities and injuries across the globe.

Vision Zero in the United States

The Vision Zero initiative has reached many major cities across the US, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. These cities, alongside many others in the United States, have introduced and demonstrated their commitment to Vision Zero and keeping our roadways and highway systems as safe as possible for drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Our Commitment to Vision Zero

At Pavement Surface Coatings, we’re committed to Vision Zero. We work with groups and governments across the US to install the safest roadways and highway systems possible. Our industry-leading applications, including high friction surfacing, dynamic envelope pavement markings, bus and bike lane markings, are all key components to keeping drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians safe across the nation.

Additionally, Pavement Surface Coatings has participated in seminars and conventions to understand the needs and goals encompassed in Vision Zero and help develop uses for Endurablend™ which support and complement this cause.