Sea Wall Resurfacing
Sea Wall Resurfacing

Concrete Sea Wall

Protect Your Sea Walls Long-Term with Endurablend

Sea walls help keep people safe while they enjoy the beauty of the open waters. When enough saltwater penetrates through a protective concrete barrier, it can create a threat to the substructure and result in the possibility of hazardous consequences. Repairing and rehabilitating these damages can quickly prove both costly and time-consuming 

Without proper protection, sea walls can be at risk of developing cracks and holes where saltwater can enter. Endurablend provides a reliable, environmentally friendly solution for better protecting your sea walls’ concrete exterior. 

Superior Protection for Concrete Sea Walls 

In addition to paved roadways and bridges, Endurablend can be spray-applied to vertical surfaces such as concrete sea walls. Concrete sea walls take a beating from the relentless salt and sand. Endurablend will seal and protect the surface and extend the life of the wall. 

Protecting Where People Gather

Sea walls are designed to protect human environments from the water below. Whether it is part of a private residence, a concrete pier, or other similar structures, they allow you to enjoy the beauty of the water without having to worry about getting wet yourself. 

Saltwater’s Effect on Concrete Sea Walls 

Elemental properties of saltwater, such as its magnesium chloride content and sulfate and hydrogen carbonation ions, can cause some damage to your concrete sea walls. However, the water itself poses a greater threat to the steel underneath your sea wall’s tough, rocky exterior. 

The steel substructure underneath your concrete sea wall will rust and corrode if it experiences prolonged exposure to saltwater. Often, the water reaches the metal support system through a crack or hole in the concrete. 

Benefits of Endurablend for Sea Walls 

Longer Lasting Protection 

Used as a thin and durable concrete overlay, Endurablend can provide an extra layer of protection against natural seawater damage and reduce the likelihood of developing cracks or holes in the sea wall. 

Environmentally Safe

The Endurablend formula is developed without the use of environmentally harmful ingredients. In some applications, it can qualify for LEED credits. 

Can Handle All Project Sizes

Our authorized installers are able to apply Endurablend to any size sea wall. From large public spaces to a private beachfront bungalow, there is no surface area too large or too small for it to provide long-lasting protection against saltwater damage. 

Endless Decorative Possibilities 

Endurablend is available in a standard gray hue, but it can also be pigmented to match any creative idea that you have. Use it in a single custom color or multiple colors to create your dream design. 


Compared to other solutions, Endurablend is incredibly versatile and cost-effective while providing superior performance and durability. 

Get Endurablend for Your Sea Walls 

Whether you are looking to protect sea walls at a public gathering place or your private residence, Endurablend will be sure to generate immense long-term value when professionally installed. 

We work with a global network of authorized installers to make sure you are receiving the highest-quality service possible. To view our current list of installers around the world, check out our map. Don’t see an installer near you? Contact us anytime to learn more.