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Solar Reflective Coating

A Proud Cool Roadways Partner

Pavement Surface Coatings is proud to be a Cool Roadways Partner and offer Endurablend as a solution for helping to cool cities worldwide. Our global network of authorized installers possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to properly apply Endurablend to city streets and paved surfaces in their local communities. 

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Heat Reflective Coating for Cooler City Roads and Walkways

Asphalt surfaces can reach peak summertime temperatures of 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (50 to 65 Celsius) in urban environments. In turn, this heats the air above and results in increased energy costs as well as adverse effects on residents’ health and air quality. This summer phenomenon is known as the “urban heat island effect”. 

Why the Urban Heat Island Effect Needs to be Addressed in Cities

As the world continues urbanizing, the need for heat control solutions will increase. Rising temperatures stress ecosystems, intensify heatwaves, and exacerbate air pollution issues. 

Roofs and pavements cover about 60 percent of urban surfaces and absorb more than 80 percent of the sunlight that contacts them. This energy is converted to heat, which results in hotter, more polluted cities, and higher energy costs.

Pavement Coatings Play a Critical Role in Cooling Cities

With more municipalities urbanizing, quality of life becomes a greater issue for increasing numbers of residents. Reducing the heat island effect’s impact on communities is a necessary step toward ensuring a greater experience for those living in affected areas. 

In an effort to combat the heat island effect, Pavement Surface Coatings has introduced special infrared solar reflective pigments into Endurablend. These modifications are designed to: 

Dramatically Reduce Pavement Temperature 

Asphalt’s temperature directly affects the air above. When roadways are surrounded by tall buildings, this prevents the heated air from dissipating like it naturally would in less-developed environments. Instead, the thermometer climbs higher in these concentrated areas. 

Endurablend’s reflective properties prevent asphalt from absorbing and trapping heat. Instead, it allows these surfaces to remain cooler. 

Help Lower Energy Costs 

Many city residents prioritize the cost of living as a major lifestyle concern. When urban temperatures rise, this places a greater strain on air conditioning systems, which results in higher energy costs. For business owners managing large spaces, this issue can worsen exponentially. 

By maintaining lower temperatures with Endurablend’s solar reflective coating, residents can save on energy costs to cool their homes in the summertime. This also lessens the burden on commercial HVAC systems and contributes to more sustainable energy management practices. 

Improve Urban Air Quality 

Air pollution impacts nearly every city worldwide. The increased populations also result in more emissions which can affect the atmosphere and lower air quality. 

Heatwaves can create stagnant air which results in pollutants lingering for longer. This not only affects the surrounding environment, but it also threatens residents’ health and wellbeing. 

Reflective treatments for paved surfaces like Endurablend can help reduce the duration and severity of heatwaves. This lessens the amount of time that pollutants can linger in the air, reducing the potential harm to residents and local ecology. 

Protect Pavement Integrity 

City roadways face far more wear and tear than their suburban and rural counterparts. Constant maintenance and upkeep result in slowed traffic and monetary increases to taxpayers. 

Beyond its cooling effects, Endurablend will also seal and protect the asphalt surface from petroleum, salt and de-icing materials, and UV degradation. This results directly in extended pavement quality and can reduce the frequency of maintenance. In heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions, a professional application of Endurablend has a lifespan of 10 years. 

Why You Should Choose Endurablend for Solar Reflective Coating

  • Durability

    Endurablend has a 12-year track record for durability. Holding up to heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions.  Endurablend is virtually maintenance-free.

  • Snow Plowable

    In snowy and icy conditions, it becomes necessary to run a snow plow over concrete and asphalt surfaces in order to maintain safe conditions for motorists and pedestrians. With our innovative surface treatments, you can rest assured that a snow plow will not damage the Endurablend installation.

  • Salt and Oil Proof

    All surfaces used by cars get covered in salt and oil for a variety of reasons, but you can rest assured that your logo or design on pavement will remain undamaged by these substances.

  • Environmentally Safe

    As the stewards of the environment, the designers of Endurablend made especially sure that its ingredients were not hazardous to people, animals, or plants.

  • Easy To Fix and Re-Apply

    Sometimes logos and designs get damaged in spite of our best efforts, which is why we designed our spray so that it is easy to do touch-ups later on if they are needed.

  • Professional Installers

    All of our installers are highly skilled and courteous. They will do their utmost to ensure that your logo or design is installed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.