Solar Reflective Coating

Solar Reflective Coating

Reduce temperature, heat index, and energy costs with Endurablend's Solar Reflective Coating

In the summertime, asphalt pavement can reach temperatures of 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (50 to 65 degrees Celsius), resulting in increased energy costs and poor air quality.

Using Endurablend with an infrared reflective pigment reduces solar absorption and increases solar reflectivity, therefore reducing asphalt pavement temperatures. This results in a lower heat index, lower energy costs and improved air quality.

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  • Durability

    Endurablend has a 10-year track record for durability. Holding up to heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions.  Endurablend is virtually maintenance-free.

  • Snow Plowable

    In snowy and icy conditions, it becomes necessary to run a snow plow over concrete and asphalt surfaces in order to maintain safe conditions for motorists and pedestrians. With our innovative surface treatments, you can rest assured that a snow plow will not damage the Endurablend installation.

  • Salt and Oil Proof

    All surfaces used by cars get covered in salt and oil for a variety of reasons, but you can rest assured that your logo or design on pavement will remain undamaged by these substances.

  • Environmentally Safe

    As the stewards of the environment, the designers of Endurablend made especially sure that its ingredients were not hazardous to people, animals, or plants.

  • Easy To Fix and Re-Apply

    Sometimes logos and designs get damaged in spite of our best efforts, which is why we designed our spray so that it is easy to do touch-ups later on if they are needed.

  • Professional Installers

    All of our installers are highly skilled and courteous. They will do their utmost to ensure that your logo or design is installed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


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