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Traffic Calming to Reduce Vehicle Speeds

Traffic calming is a system of design and maintenance strategies aimed to restore a tolerable traffic balance on the streets. Keeping in mind the urgent need to ensure the safety of both motorists and pedestrians, Pavement Surface Coatings has developed a unique, flexible, and durable material for marking road surfaces and flush curb bump-outs to make them easily visible and reduce vehicle speeds. 

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Endurablend - traffic calming road markings that go the distance

Are you an elected official getting tons of requests from concerned citizens to deal with frequent speeding on a local street? Did you notice that solely imposing a speed limit is not enough to keep the neighborhood safe and comfortable for pedestrians? Fortunately, there is a lot of other traffic calming treatments and strategies that can help you slow down and divert cars in residential areas.

These traffic calming treatments include adding parallel parking spots, street narrowing, building sidewalk extensions, chicanes, roundabouts, raised medians, diverters as well as installing speed bumps, humps, tables, and flush curb-bump out.

But there is also a less expensive and time-efficient way to balance the car flow on the streets, and it involves simply adding traffic calming road surface markings to the pavement.

These markings increase awareness by using various colors, textures, and patterns to attract drivers’ attention and visually narrow down the travel lanes. Using traffic road surface markings helps to reduce the speed, minimizing the risk of accidents on the road.

Types of pavement markings to slow traffic

Using Endurablend, you can create colored and flush:

  • Pedestrian crosswalks
  • Curb Bump-outs
  • Intersections
  • Shoulders and medians
  • Gateways, etc.

The research has shown that using physical measures such as colored, patterned, and textured road surface markings are one of the best Traffic calming strategies that allow you to effectively control the vehicle speed and encourage the driving behavior that is safe and appropriate for the corresponding environment. All of this helps reduce the number of road accidents and increase the quality of life of people living, working, or spending their leisure time in the neighborhood.

Because Endurablend is an ultra-thin polymer cement coating, it is significantly more durable than paint. However, Endurablend has been developed to be used in just about any application that might traditionally be used for paint with no limitation of color or pattern. Its durability will mean less maintenance, fewer reapplications, and easier to clean than a painted surface, saving money in the long run. Contact our knowledgeable representatives today.


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