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Traffic Calming Devices

Traffic calming is a system of design and maintenance strategies aimed to restore a tolerable traffic balance on the streets. Keeping in mind the urgent need to ensure the safety of both motorists and pedestrians, Pavement Surface Coatings has developed a unique, flexible, and durable material for marking road surfaces and flush curb bump-outs to make them easily visible and reduce vehicle speeds.

Benefits of Using Endurablend Traffic Calming Features

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Give Clearer Directions to Motorists 

Confusing signage and roadway markings can lead to accidents and other events that impede the flow of traffic. Oftentimes, weather, pavement erosion, and the wear and tear of vehicle tires can cause these markings to deteriorate and become less clear and legible. 

With a durable pavement marking solution, you can create more easily visible directional elements on the roadway to retain their integrity for longer. This can help ensure a safer and more efficient environment for motorists. 

Reduce Excessive Vehicle Speeds

Are you an elected official getting tons of requests from concerned citizens to deal with frequent speeding on local streets? Did you notice that imposing a speed limit is not enough to keep the neighborhood safe and comfortable for pedestrians? Fortunately, there are other traffic calming treatments and strategies that can be used to help slow down and divert cars in residential areas.

Speeding motorists place an increased danger to pedestrians and other motorists alike. Traffic calming devices can alert drivers who are traveling over the speed limit to slow down and maintain safer miles per hour. 

Use Multiple Signals to Alert Motorists 

Traffic calming devices are more than just arrows and words. You can also use a sophisticated overlay like Endurablend to alert motorists in other ways. For example, a polymer overlay can be textured or patterned to create a different sensation beneath the vehicle or mark-out restricted parts of the road like bike or bus lanes to prevent vehicles from traveling on these spaces.

These markings increase awareness by using various colors, textures, and patterns to attract drivers’ attention and visually narrow down the travel lanes. Using traffic road surface markings helps to reduce the speed, minimizing the risk of accidents on the road.

A Single Solution for Multiple Purposes


Using Endurablend, you can create multiple traffic calming elements that can provide more precise directions to motorists, such as: 

  • Bike and bus lanes
  • Street narrowing features
  • Building sidewalk extensions 
  • Chicanes 
  • Roundabouts 
  • Raised medians 
  • Diverters
  • Speed humps
  • Speed tables
  • Flush curb bump-outs 

Maintain Public Transit Schedules 

Traffic calming devices can also be leveraged to create designated lanes for specially authorized vehicles that rely on a tight schedule. For example, you can mark out bus lanes, carpool lanes, and railroad crossings to ensure that mass transit systems can continue serving the public while adhering to their departure and arrival times.

A Smarter Investment for Your Municipality 

Market-variety pavement marking solutions deteriorate more quickly and are more sensitive to thermal changes than Endurablend. This results in larger roadway maintenance expenses for municipalities due to an increased need for materials and labor. A higher risk of traffic accidents also results in more expenses for emergency services and court costs. 

Investing in Endurablend treatment helps optimize your municipality’s roadway budget. By helping to create a safer roadway with less maintenance and far fewer reapplications required over time, you can save on maintenance and labor while protecting the long-term health of your streets. 

Types of Traffic Calming Devices

There are a variety of traffic calming road markings that can be used to create a safer traffic flow. These include the following:

Pedestrian Crosswalks

Raised crosswalks are wide, flat-topped speed humps that line up with pedestrian crosswalk crossings at street intersections. The walkways are raised above the roadway to slow traffic and improve crosswalk visibility while making the crossing easier for pedestrians who may have difficulty stepping up and down curbs.

Curb Bump-outs

Curb bump-outs are traffic calming road markings that can be installed near bus stops or transit stations to prevent cars from pulling over in front of traffic. Curb bump-outs extend from the curb, making it easier for pedestrians to see traffic as they attempt to cross the street.

Raised Intersections

Raised intersections increase the roadbed at the intersection, creating a type of "plateau" across the intersection that includes ramps on each approach. The plateau is located at street level and may be enhanced with different surfacings such as pavement coloring.

Shoulders and Medians

Even on narrow roads, raised center medians and pedestrian refuge islands may be utilized to decrease the lane width for cars. They can also be utilized to regulate traffic at intersections or prevent access at strategic locations.


When you're entering a slower zone, gateway treatments notify motorists. Signs, entry points, speed tables, raised crossings, and curb extensions are all examples of this treatment.

Lane Boundaries

Lane boundaries are fundamentally essential for maintaining safer roadways. Using Endurablend, you can create long-lasting, high-visibility lane boundaries at consistent or changing widths to ensure that motorists remain within the proper lines while driving. 

Sidewalk Extensions

Some spaces need a little more room than what a standard sidewalk can provide. Endurablend can be used to create custom-colored sidewalk extensions that clearly designate parts of the roadway where motor travel is not authorized. 

Specialty Lanes

Traveling on standard roadways can pose risks for bicyclists and public transit passengers. Marking out colored specialty lines for bikes, buses, and other alternative forms of transportation can create a designated space for pedestrians to travel safely without worrying about close proximity to motor vehicles. 

Endurablend is Here to Help with Residential Traffic Calming

Research has demonstrated that using physical measures such as colored, patterned, and textured pavement surface markings is one of the best traffic calming strategies. 


These road features allow you to effectively control vehicle speeds and encourage driving behavior that is safe and appropriate for the corresponding environment. All of this helps reduce the number of road accidents and increase the quality of life of people living, working, or spending their leisure time in the neighborhood.


Because Endurablend is an ultra-thin polymer cement coating, it is significantly more durable than paint. Endurablend has been developed to be used in just about any application that might traditionally be used for paint with no limitation of color or pattern. It also requires less maintenance, fewer reapplications, and is easier to clean than a painted surface, saving money in the long run. Call our office or fill out our form to get in touch with one of our pavement surfacing experts to help reduce speeds in your area today!