Transportation Surfaces and Solutions


Airport Surfacing at Reno Stead Airport

Endurablend™ Systems have been successfully used in a number of aviation applications including restoring skid-resistant surfaces on airport runways, taxiways, and aprons; aircraft maintenance areas and machine shops; refueling areas; helipads and more. It provides extraordinary resistance to all fuels, lubricants and de-icing chemicals.

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Bike Lane Markings

Bike Lanes and Crosswalk

Colored Bike lane surface treatments designate an area next to the road for bicyclists, to remove bikes from the general traffic flow into their respective lanes. Green Bike lane markings ensure even further safety by making those boundaries even more clear.

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Bus Lane Markings

Red Bus Lane

Bus lanes are usually found in major cities on routes with frequent headways or where congested traffic has a significant effect on reliability. All bus lanes are usually marked with signs along routes with specific laws and lanes are painted red (or alternating color to the roadway) and/or marked with ‘Bus Only’.

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States and the Federal Government have been increasingly concerned with providing proper delineation of a train’s Dynamic Envelope, the area affected by a moving train. Endurablend™ provides a vibrant, durable marking to provide the driving public warnings of areas to avoid stopping or pausing in when near railroad crossings.

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Roads & Highways


Endurablend™ protects asphalt and concrete bridge deck pavement surfaces from the demands of traffic wear, freeze-thaw cycles, fuels and de-icing chemicals.

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