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What is Endurablend?

Endurablend is designed to preserve and maintain asphalt and concrete pavements. Endurablend is a cement-based coating that replaces a wide variety of other types of asphalt-based surface treatments.  Endurablend surface coatings are spray-applied 1/16th to 3/16th inch thick and will hold up to heavy vehicular traffic, de-icing chemicals, fuels, sustained UV, and extreme weather.  The expected life span of the Endurablend coating is 10 plus years, resulting in a significant increase in the life of your pavement.  Endurablend is also a very versatile product, it can be used to fill cracks, textured to restore surface friction, pigmented to any color to help delineate, pedestrian crosswalks, bus areas, and safety walkways.  Stencils are used to create various patterns and designs.

Enduramark Pavement Markings

Enduramark is an extremely durable pavement marking material that can be applied with standard line striping equipment.  It can even be recessed into the pavement to improve on durability.  Enduramark is also an excellent binder for holding retro-reflective glass beads.  Our experience with retro-reflectivity has shown that our readings after a winter snowplow season show numbers in excess of 700 mcd.  Enduramark can also be patterned.  Our Hexagon pattern helps to improve visibility in rainy conditions.

JFK before 3 JFK After3

Environmentally Safe Asphalt & Concrete Applications 

We understand our responsibility to keep our environment safe from toxic chemicals and releases. Our water-based product has a stable cured structure and higher solar reflectivity than asphalt. No toxins are released into the environment, and can even qualify for LEED credits.


  • Airport Markings
  • Runway Markings.
  • Taxiway Markings
  • Holding Position Markings
  • Runway Designators
  • Runway Side Stripe Markings
  • Runway Shoulder Markings
  • Runway Threshold Markings


  • Displaced Threshold
  • Runway Centerline Marking
  • Relocated Runway Threshold
  • Runway Aiming Point Marking
  • Demarcation Bar
  • Runway Touchdown Zone Markers
  • Runway Threshold Bar
  • Centerline Markings


  • Taxiway Edge Markings
  • Taxi Shoulder Markings
  • Surface Painted Taxiway Direction Signs
  • Surface Painted Location Signs
  • Geographic Position Markings
  • Holding Position Markings for Intersecting


  • Taxiways
  • Non-movement Area Boundary Markings
  • Short Takeoff and Landing
  • Helicopter Landing Areas



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