Airport MArkings


Airport Markings Using Enduramark

Enduramark is an extremely durable pavement marking material that can be applied with standard line striping equipment.  It can even be recessed into the concrete to improve durability.  The Enduramark formula is also an excellent binder for holding retro-reflective glass beads.  Our experience with retro-reflectivity has shown that our readings after a winter snowplow season show numbers in excess of 700 mcd. Enduramark can also be patterned to improve aesthetics and surface friction. For example, our hexagon pattern helps to improve visibility in rainy conditions.

Environmentally Safe Applications

Some popular applications for Endurablend in airports include: 

Runway Markings

Create highly visible pavement markings that are designed to endure in any climate for more efficient air traffic control and safer takeoffs and landings. 

Taxiway Markings 

Use Endurablend to protect taxiway surfaces and create high-visibility taxiway edge markings and shoulder markings. This results in safer and more efficient taxiing for aircrafts traveling between hangars, runways, terminals, and other locations throughout the facility. 

Concrete and Asphalt Resurfacing

Endurablend can be used to resurface concrete and asphalt roadways that have been damaged by the wear and tear that comes from high amounts of traffic. Whether on the airport runway, in the parking lot, or anywhere else at your facility, you can improve surface traction while protecting the long-term health of your surfaces. 

De-Icing and Refueling Stations 

Endurablend’s durable formula provides a high-traction surface that is also far more resistant to chemicals involved in airplane maintenance, such as de-icing solutions and jet fuel. Reduce or prevent the costly impact of concrete erosion due to chemical spillage. 

Bus Stops 

Endurablend can be used to effectively delineate bus stop areas for mass transit vehicles. This ensures a safer pickup and drop-off experience for both drivers and passengers at designated locations throughout the facility. 

Safety Walkways

Accurately and precisely demarcate safety walkways from general paved areas. Select vivid, customizable pigments to further draw attention to the boundaries you have established for your intended pathways. 

Automobile Roadways 

Create long-lasting markings to properly direct pedestrian automobiles to their intended destination. Endurablend is designed to withstand the redundant wear and tear that airport roadways experience on a daily basis. 

Parking Facilities 

As with roadways, Endurablend-based markings can also be used to direct parking lot and parking garage traffic along proper routes. Aid motorists in navigating parking facilities with clear and highly visible markings installed overtop your existing paved surfaces. 

Pedestrian Crosswalks

Maintain a safer environment for pedestrians traveling to and from the airport with highly visible and textured walkways. Endurablend can be stenciled to match traditional striped walkway styles or custom-designed to meet specific design requirements. 

  • Tax lanes 
  • High-friction safety surfacing 
  • Decorative pavement treatments

What is Endurablend?

Endurablend is an innovative, polymer cement-based coating designed to preserve and maintain concrete pavements while providing superior performance and longevity. 

Benefits of Endurablend

Superior Durability

Endurablend surface coatings are spray-applied 1-3mm thick and will hold up to heavy vehicular traffic, de-icing chemicals, fuels, sustained UV, and extreme weather.  The expected life span of the Endurablend coating is 10 plus years, resulting in a significant increase in the life of your concrete..  

Versatile Usage

The Endurablend formula also allows for a high level of versatility. Some uses include; texturing the concrete to restore surface friction, and pigmenting the treatment to any color to help delineate pedestrian crosswalks, bus areas, and safety walkways.  

Highly Customizable 

Depending on your regulatory requirements or design preferences, Endurablend can be custom-pigmented to nearly any color or shade. Coloring will not affect the performance of your new surface coating and it will still maintain its longevity and high-performance functionality. 

Decorative and Functional

The installation process involves using stencils to create various patterns and designs. An authorized Endurablend installer can create finishes that satisfy regulatory requirements and/or decorative preferences. 

Environmentally Friendly 

We understand our responsibility to keep our environment safe from toxic chemicals and releases. Our water-based product has a stable cured structure and higher solar reflectivity than bare concrete. No toxins are released into the environment, and can even qualify for LEED credits.

Reduced Maintenance 

Thanks to Endurablend’s longevity, treated surfaces require far less maintenance and upkeep than other solutions. Installing Endurablend is a smart investment in cutting down on long, costly maintenance times for your surface and providing your crew with more hours in the day to focus on other important tasks. 

Professionally Installed 

Endurablend solutions are installed entirely by authorized professionals who possess the necessary equipment, knowledge, and expertise to ensure the long-term success of your investment. Elevate the appearance of your paved surfaces with the added peace of mind that any treatments or markings will endure for far longer than other products on the market. 

Works on Old and New Concrete

No matter the age, Endurablend can be applied to both fresh surfaces and ones that have served your airport for decades. The age of the concrete does not affect Endurablend’s ability to effectively protect the surface and does not impact the longevity of coatings or markings. 

Use Endurablend at Your Airport 

Using Endurablend is a smart investment in the long-term health of your airport’s paved surfaces and the markings you use to ensure the daily safety of pedestrians, passengers, automobiles, and aircraft alike. To get started with installing Endurablend at your facility, view our list of authorized installers or contact us today for more information. 


  • Airport Markings
  • Runway Markings.
  • Taxiway Markings
  • Holding Position Markings
  • Runway Designators
  • Runway Side Stripe Markings
  • Runway Shoulder Markings
  • Runway Threshold Markings


  • Displaced Threshold
  • Runway Centerline Marking
  • Relocated Runway Threshold
  • Runway Aiming Point Marking
  • Demarcation Bar
  • Runway Touchdown Zone Markers
  • Runway Threshold Bar
  • Centerline Markings


  • Taxiway Edge Markings
  • Taxi Shoulder Markings
  • Surface Painted Taxiway Direction Signs
  • Surface Painted Location Signs
  • Geographic Position Markings
  • Holding Position Markings for Intersecting


  • Taxiways
  • Non-movement Area Boundary Markings
  • Short Takeoff and Landing
  • Helicopter Landing Areas