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Endurablend Polymer Concrete Micro Overlay

Endurablend was initially developed to protect and preserve concrete and asphalt pavements at primarily military airport facilities. Endurablend is typically spray applied at a thickness of 1/16" to 1/8" and will provide you with an exceptionally durable wearing course for many years. The expected life span is 10-15 years. In addition, Endurablend will improve friction, is snow plowable, not affected by salts, de-icing materials and most chemicals.  Endurablend is UV stable and environmentally friendly. If applied at the right time in the life of the pavement, Endurablend can significantly extend the life of your pavement.

Below is an installation video showing Endurablend being sprayed into a drag box on concrete pavement.

Endurablend is a unique & innovative material that in addition to protecting your pavement, can be used for many other airport applications on the airside as well as the landside.

Enduramark Pavement Markings

Enduramark is a new approach to pavement markings. Enduramark provides significant advantages over current material technologies. It provides exceptional bond to both asphalt and concrete and is unaffected by heat, cold, UV degradation, and provides unparalleled durability. Enduramark does not require new equipment technology and only requires relatively inexpensive modification to current pavement marking equipment and trucks. Although cement based, Enduramark is flexible, non-brittle, and accepts and retains all reflective media, providing long lasting retro-reflectivity. Innovative application techniques allow for increased wet night retro-reflectivity. Enduramark has over 3 years of exceptional performance in heavily snow plowed environments. Enduramark can be applied to existing thermoplastic and MMA markings. It is applied at 35-40 mil using existing paint and thermoplastic guns. Enduramark comes in powder form and only requires the addition of water. It is non-hazardous and all equipment is cleaned with water.

De-Icing and Refueling Stations

Endurablend provides a high-friction surface that is also far more resistant to chemicals involved in airplane maintenance, such as de-icing solutions and jet fuel. Reduce or prevent the costly impact of concrete erosion due to chemical spillage.

Paving Joints/Seams

Endurablend is ideal for these types of repairs. Simply clean out the crack and apply Endurablend by spraying into a drag box.

Safety Walkways

Accurately and precisely demarcate safety crosswalks and walkways from general paved areas. Select vivid, customizable pigments to further draw attention to the boundaries you have established for your intended pathways. With Endurablend you can create virtually any color, pattern or texture that you require. Stencils are used to create patterns.

Bus Stops/Taxi Lanes

Endurablend can be used to effectively delineate bus stop areas for mass transit vehicles and for taxi lanes. This ensures a safer pickup and drop-off experience for both drivers and passengers at designated locations throughout the facility.

Benefits of Endurablend

Superior Durability- Endurablend surface coatings are spray-applied 40 mils thick and will hold up to heavy vehicular traffic, de-icing chemicals, fuels, sustained UV, and extreme weather.  The expected life span of the Endurablend coating is 10 to 15 years, resulting in a significant increase in the life of your pavements.

Environmentally Friendly - We understand our responsibility to keep our environment safe from toxic chemicals and releases. Our water-based product has a stable cured structure and higher solar reflectivity than bare concrete. No toxins are released into the environment and can even qualify for LEED credits.

Reduced Maintenance - Thanks to Endurablend’s longevity, treated surfaces require far less maintenance and upkeep than other solutions. Installing Endurablend is a smart investment in cutting down on long, costly maintenance times for your surface and providing your crew with more hours in the day to focus on other important tasks.

Professionally Installed - Endurablend solutions are installed entirely by authorized professionals who possess the necessary equipment, knowledge, and expertise to ensure the long-term success of your investment. Elevate the appearance of your paved surfaces with the added peace of mind that any treatments or markings will endure for far longer than other products on the market.

Use Endurablend at Your Airport

Using Endurablend is a smart investment in the long-term health of your airport’s paved surfaces and the markings you use to ensure the daily safety of pedestrians, passengers, automobiles, and aircraft alike. To get started with installing Endurablend at your facility, view our list of authorized installers or contact us today for more information.