high friction surface treatment

High Friction Surface Treatment

High Friction Coating Using Endurablend

High Friction Surfacing

High Friction Surfacing Treatments have been used worldwide for over 25 years, significantly reducing accidents on Horizontal Curves. HFST systems are designed to dramatically increase both asphalt and concrete pavement friction properties.  The current industry standard for HFST systems is comprised of an epoxy binder dressed with calcined bauxite aggregates. Although a proven system, epoxy tends to compromise asphalt pavements because of the epoxy's high coefficient of thermal expansion (COTE).  Epoxies are also prone to UV degradation as they age becoming brittle and ineffective.  These systems are problematic due to adhesion issues with concrete.

Endurablend’s cementitious base with UV stable polymers provides a significantly lower COTE than epoxies and improved system longevity and effectiveness. Endurablend has excellent bond strength to both asphalt and concrete surfaces and the ability to hold aggregates equally as well as epoxies.

Innovative installation techniques allow Endurablend to be applied in a patterned textured configuration that provides channels for water dispersion allowing for the use of finer aggregates. This channeling and the use of finer aggregates improve the friction numbers achieved by HFST systems. This patterned approach also mitigates conflicting COTE characteristics between the substrate and HFST coatings.

Is High Friction Surfacing a long term solution?

High friction surface coating can last for five to ten years depending on the surface and the skill of those laying it on the road. The lifespan of HFST is affected by several factors:

  • The quality of the road
  • The volume of traffic
  • Climate conditions and weather patterns
  • Demand for friction

The longevity of HFST makes it a long-term and cost-effective solution for decreasing the risk of accidents on the roads and highways.

Why You Should Choose Endurablend for High Friction Surfacing

  • Roadways become safer with Endurablend

    Road surfaces become polished in areas where drivers often brake, like going around curves, down steep roads, or at an intersection. This condition makes vehicles skid more because there is less friction between the tires and the road surface. Wet road surfaces can also reduce pavement friction and cause skidding or hydroplaning. Endurablend’s high friction surface treatment application will make these section

  • Reduce weather-related accidents

    Since Endurablend’s anti-skid material provides ideal traction, the road surface can be vastly improved in wet, icy, and dry conditions.

  • Fully trained installers

    Our teams consist of professional high friction surface treatment contractors who are well-trained. No matter which of our applications you choose, you can be confident that it will be installed promptly and correctly.