Endurablend “The most durable pavement surface treatment in the market today!”

Pavement Surface Coatings manufactures a unique and innovative product called Endurablend.  Endurablend consists of a polymer-modified cement mixed with fibers, aggregates, and pigments that can be spray applied to both asphalt and concrete pavements to provide extremely durable maintenance-free decorative pavement designs and colored safety surfacing.  In addition, Endurablend will preserve and protect the surface from UV, salts, de-icing material, oils, and most chemicals.  Thus, extending the life of the pavement.  With Endurablend you can create designs using virtually any color, texture, or pattern that you require.  Stencils are used to create various patterns.  Aggregates are added to provide texture and friction.  Endurablend will hold up to heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions for many years.

RP4200 Picture RP4200 Picture

Endurablend polymer cement surfacing was installed by Statewide Striping Corporation as part of a streetscape project on Christopher Columbus Drive in Jersey City, NJ in the spring of 2011.  The project involved installing over (30) decorative brick crosswalks on this busy roadway.   This major thoroughfare connects the NJ Turnpike to the Hudson River crossings.  During the work week, CCD has an ADT of 60,000 vehicles per day.  This is a true testament to the durability of Endurablend.  The installation is almost 10 years old and is holding up better than the asphalt pavement. There is no other roadway surface treatment in the market that could hold up this kind of traffic and weather conditions.  Jersey City engineer, Paul Russo is incredibly pleased with the results, “We are very impressed with the durability and the lack of maintenance that is required”.

In addition to decorative crosswalks, Endurablend is being used around the world for green bike lanes, red bus lanes, bus stops, logos, custom designs, and traffic calming applications.